COVID-19 Update: For now I’m doing initial consults via FaceTime, Zoom, etc. Follow ups will be held outdoors at or near clients’ homes. Training walks are unchanged.

Consultations, Follow Up Sessions, Training Walks

90 minute consultation with one 60 minute follow up session


or text 571-982-0343. Serving Alexandria, Arlington & surrounding areas.

We’ll discuss your dog’s behavior issues, likely explanations for them, options for addressing them, and a basic behavior modification plan. You’ll learn how to interpret canine communication, use positive reinforcement to motivate your dog to learn, and replace their bad habits with good ones. Then we’ll do some hands-on training to get you and your dog started.

If you’re expecting, we’ll cover ways to prepare your dog for the transition to life with your baby. This includes acclimating them to baby gear, tweaking household routines now to make adjusting easier when your baby comes, learning to read canine body language, brushing up on polite manners, and curbing unwanted behaviors like jumping on people and demand barking.

If you’re parents already, we’ll also strategize about continued safe inclusion of your dog in family life as your baby develops. You’ll learn how to defuse and avoid tensions that may crop up once your baby starts reaching for, grabbing at, crawling toward, cruising past, and stumbling into your dog! And we’ll lay the groundwork for a bond between your baby and your dog that will grow as they grow up together.

We’ll use the first follow up session to strengthen your skills, address questions, and fine tune the training plan. You can expect substantial progress by this point, but additional sessions may be recommended to achieve your intended results.

The $260 fee includes the initial consultation and the first follow up session. Payment in full is due at the end of the consult. Follow ups typically happen 2-3 weeks later.

Additional follow up lessons 

$100 for 60 minutes.

or text 571-982-0343. Serving Alexandria, Arlington & surrounding areas.

Training walks (to supplement consultations & follow ups)

$50 for 30 minutes.

or text 571-982-0343. Serving Alexandria, Arlington & surrounding areas.

On walks, your dog is quick to bark, or easily startled, perhaps fearful of people, maybe wary of fast moving things like bikes and skateboards, or spooked by traffic. You’ve had your initial consult, we’ve got a behavior modification plan in place, and you’re starting to implement it. You know these things take time…but you really want to accelerate your progress.

That’s what training walks are for. While you go about your busy day, your dog and I have an intensive outdoor practice session focused on the specific needs outlined in your training plan.

I donate 25% to shelters and rescues.