dog behavior, fear & anxiety

Keep your scared dog calm & safe on the 4th of July

1. Make sure they’re wearing ID with your current PHONE NUMBER.

2. Check that their microchip info is up to date in the registry.

3. Walk them early, before dark, before the sensory bombardment begins.

4. Prevent them from slipping their collar in panic–use a well fitted martingale collar, or a harness, preferably one that clips in the front.

5. Leave them home–even if they love people, picnics, etc. 4th of July is just too overstimulating–and not in a good way–for most dogs, and there’s a serious risk that your dog will run away in fear.

6. If you have calming supplements like Zylkene, Anxitane, or Adaptil, use them generously all day on the 4th and for a few days after.

7. If you have a prescription for an anti-anxiety med that your vet advised you to use “as needed for stressful situations,” THIS is one of those situations.

8. Let your dog hide.

10. Use layers of sound to mask the noise of fireworks–white noise, brown noise, music (esp. classical–or reggae!), TV, fans, etc.

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