Got a dog with quirks? You’ve come to the right place.

I have a soft spot for dogs with issues & baggage. The ones who got off to a bumpy start, whose only training was from the school of hard knocks. The dogs afraid of their own shadow, always on guard. The ones who can’t go for a walk without freaking out at every dog, stroller, jogger or squirrel. Dogs who are baffled by babies, terrorized by toddlers. Who can’t seem to contain themselves, who are just “a lot of dog.” I can’t resist these underdogs. They’re diamonds in the rough who need a little help making sense of our world. Let’s train them together! Email me or text 571-982-0343.

Here’s how it works:

  • I come to you.
  • I explain what’s behind your dog’s behavior issues and practical ways to resolve them.
  • I help you decode canine body language so you can “read” your dog’s emotional state.
  • I give you quick, fun training games & tasks that fit your hectic schedule.
  • I donate 25% of all earnings to shelters and rescues.

Here are some of my special interests:

Dogs & Kids

Is your dog overwhelmed by baby noises, toddler energy, little kid action?  I love teaching practical ways for busy moms & dads to keep everyone safe. I’m a parent, too; I’ve been in your shoes.

And I’m a licensed educator with Family Paws Parent Education.

Leash Reactivity

Does your dog bark and lunge at people or other dogs on walks?  They’re stressed, you’re stressed, and walks are a minefield of triggers. It’s a common problem; I’ll show you a straightforward fix.


Is your dog fearful in new settings, easily spooked, anxious, wary of people? They need confidence, coping skills, and comforting routines to venture out of their shell and bravely take on their world.

Professional affiliations: