Got an anxious dog? You’ve come to the right place.

Shelter dog showing anxious body language--ears pulled back, mouth clamped shut.

I specialize in dogs with separation anxiety, fearful behavior, and anxiety around kids.

Does your dog flip out when you leave the house? Do they bark, whine and howl till you return? Trash the door, mangle the blinds, shred the carpet? Have accidents even though they’re house trained? They need to learn how to feel safe when they’re alone.

Is your dog fearful in new settings, skittish, easily spooked, nervous on walks or with house guests? Do they bark at everyone & everything to say “You’re TOO CLOSE!”? They need confidence and coping skills to venture out of their shell and bravely take on their world.

Do you think your dog doesn’t LIKE kids? It’s not personal! A lot of dogs are confused by normal kid behavior and need time & space to adjust. When dogs are nervous around kids, parents need a fail-safe strategy for averting conflict and brokering peace.

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