Got a dog with quirks? You’ve come to the right place.

I have a soft spot for dogs with issues & baggage: The ones who got off to a bumpy start, trained at the school of hard knocks. The dogs afraid of their own shadow, always on guard. The ones who can’t go for a walk without freaking out at every dog, squirrel, or skateboard. Dogs who lose their minds if you leave them home alone. I can’t resist these underdogs. They’re diamonds in the rough who need a little help making sense of our world. Let’s train them together!

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Here’s how it works:

  • Separation Anxiety cases: We’ll meet weekly by Zoom to assess progress, and I’ll send you a customized daily practice plan.
  • Other cases: I’ll come to your home. My main service area is Alexandria & Arlington VA.
  • I’ll explain what’s behind your dog’s behavior issues and practical ways to resolve them.
  • I’ll help you decode canine body language so you can “read” your dog’s emotional state.
  • I’ll give you fun, effective training games & tasks that fit your hectic schedule.

I specialize in dogs with…

Separation Anxiety

Does your dog panic when you leave the house? Do they bark, whine and howl till you return? Trash the door, mangle the blinds, shred the carpet? Have accidents even though they’re house trained? There is a solution.

Leash Reactivity

Does your dog bark and lunge at people or other dogs on walks? They’re stressed, you’re stressed, and walks are a minefield of triggers. This is a common problem; I’ll show you a straightforward fix.

Fear and Anxiety

Is your dog fearful in new settings, easily spooked, anxious, wary of people? They need confidence, coping skills, and comforting routines to venture out of their shell and bravely take on their world.

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